Earth Day Fair

What a great celebration the Santa Clarita Earth Arbor Day Festival was today.  It was refreshing to meet so many local citizens with so much passion for making our district a better place.  These are the type of people who make good things happen.

Not in our district

Very disappointed that our district is often considered an out of the way place to dump dangerous criminals.  I join others who are frustrated, in voicing my unhappiness and passion for changing this practice.

Little League Dedication

I spent the morning at the new Challenger Field dedication in Simi Valley.  So much of the community has come together to make this dream a reality.  Such a beautiful field. There is something special about the opportunity for children to play baseball on a brand new field.  The Mayor represented the city well, and of course the ribbon cutting and first pitch were wonderful presentations. But the most touching moment was the McPherson's speech.  Thank you everyone who participated. Hopefully this will be a special place for so many children throughout the years. Yet another great moment in District 25.

Close shave for a good cause

Read the latest edition of the Simi Valley Acorn and noticed a very nice write up on a fundraiser I participated in last week in the district.  Classmates and friends alike volunteered to have their heads shaved in support of a local sixth grader who lost his hair from undergoing chemotherapy.  Some very close friends of mine have kids that attend the school it was located at so I made my way down there as well.  I was pleased with the energy and passion everyone had to make this happen. Extremely happy to have had the opportunity to participate.  Thank you.